Tracky Birthday – Upitup

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As a curly 14-year-old, Tracky Birthday played the drums on Germany’s Disney Club TV-show, while wishing he could sound like the 2 Live Crew or Ice-T. Some years later he dug out his Yamaha PSR-2700 for solo entertainers and became 1998’s secret lo-fi prince. When he got his laptop, he found himself able to sequence ukulele, congas, bongos, melodica, harmonica, … Read More

Tracky Birthday – Upitup Netlabel

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Tracky Birthday is weird. Totally nuts. Foolish and crazy. But damn good nerdy. You should check out his funky web 2.0 website. Urban audio 2.0 Download Tracky Birthday – Websiiite. [Creative Commons License] Websiiite is a beat Dragan Espenschied of BodenstΓ€ndig 2000 made for Tracky Birthday.Β  He used the opportunity to express his love for the internets. Thanks for Upitup … Read More