Skepsis – All Clear

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South London-based Skepsis is no stranger to fans of the new school UK Bass sound. He’s just a stranger to us, but has our attention with his blend of heavy bass, ear hurting snare hits and driving drums. Having been DJing and producing since the age of 15, Skepsis made a breakthrough into the scene in 2015. Bass in your … Read More

Heifervescent – Colder Than The Edge of Space

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Heifervescent is Andy Doran, he describes himself as “never ending, ongoing, infinite, perpetual, music project”. He started back in the 90s as a singer and guitarist in the alternative rock band Monkeyland, followed by the band Cannula and finally for the solo project Heifervescent, from which there are currently four albums. Colder Than The Edge of Space has notable lyrics: … Read More

Psychadelik Pedestrian – Breaking Waves

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Psychadelik Pedestrian started producing breakbeat and jungle music in 1994. During 2003 and 2004, Psychadelik Pedestrian tracks became more diverse with drum and bass and chillout tracks. By this stage, Psychadelik Pedestrian was combining half speed breakbeats and sweeping, haunting pad samples with instrumental sounds. His latest tracks are atmospheric, laid-back and relaxing soundspheres that spread calm and peace. Lean … Read More

Robin Grey – Mariam’s Cake

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Inspired by the work of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen amongst many others, Robin Grey colours in his songs about love and life with guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, piano, and double bass and any other instruments he can afford and fit into his little east London studio. You like subculture genres? How about experimental nu-folk or maybe just file it … Read More

Robot Face – Meme Queen

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Robot Face doesn’t publish a lot of music, but this time he made a punk rockin cyber squatter track worth listening. He pitched up Meme Queen Youtuber Kylee Henke, who’s into games art and animation, and remixed it properly. He ended up with a stomping and distorted, may we say EDM, track. EDM is not very much different from rock, … Read More