Free the music – Vol. 3 – Sick

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Our last two “Free the music” compilations were a stunning success, so we decided to curate some more music. This time we focused on Sick! music. “Free the music – Vol. 3 – Sick” features strange, bizarre and bassy tracks we have found on the #hot111 charts. Trap, Chill, Hip-Hop and Bass in your face all licensed under CC-BY for … Read More

starfrosch – Fight for Your Reit (prod. Light-foot feat. Emily Coy)

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Another day, another birthday, another track. The alternative culture center Reithalle in Bern, Switzerland turns 30. As teenagers, 30 years ago, we spent a lot of good times there. Having a beer, a good concert and having a good talk to the peer group. Over the years it always was a controversial place. For one a too anarchist refugium and … Read More

Hotblast – She’s Breakable

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Hotblast hails from Biarritz, France. That’s at the atlantic coast near Spain, where the waves are high and the surfers are happy. His style varies from trap and edm to impressionist electronic. Once he visits a Moroccan souk, the other time he writes modern love songs about trust. Throughout her life she will have difficulty managing emotions . She’s fragile, … Read More