Top 10 of March 2016

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We’re kinda excited when it comes to music and we’re kinda interested what kind of music you are excited about. We have tons of statistics and we watch it. We can see you listening to music and we’re trying to figure out what you like. Here’s your top 10 tracks you listened to in March 2016.

Top 10 Tracks from AuBoutDuFil

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Oh, how we love AuBoutDuFil. A small but excellent Creative Commons music portal with a very good curation done by Eric. It’s time for the AuBoutDuFil top 10. Enjoy. Small Radio – LSF 7th Gear Remix Anitek – Broke Inside My Mind (feat Ellie Griffiths) Domenico Curcio – Petite Valse Aydio – Deltitnu Anois – Beds and Dishes Orouni – …

Top 10 Tracks from Vaganto

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Have you ever wondered what our new bloggers music taste is? Here are vagantos top 10 in no specific order. Have a listen. Leah Rosier – Irie (N-Tone Dub Remix) [Dan Dada Records] Anitek feat. Sara Grey – Dark City [Dusted Wax Kingdom] Jammin Inc – We Fear No Evil Laffe the Fox – Hyper Trouble [ Project Chipmusic Heroes] …

Top 10 CC Tracks from Machtdose according to the alphabet

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We love lists. Hot, long, short, weird. This list fits more the category weird. Ronsens gave us access to his 2000 tracks he every played on his Machtdose podcast. Our creative department got active. We took all tracks from 2015, sorted them by artist name from A-Z and woooooo (sic!) here are the top 10 tracks from Machtdose according to …

Top 10 CC Tracks from Bandcamp according to Google

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We very much would like to integrate Bandcamp into our #hot100 charts, but the onyl message from Bandcamp we have is Sorry, the API is no longer supported and we’re not granting any new developer keys. We’re constantly looking for a way to get access to the Creative Commons tracks on Bandcamp, just because we like the way Bandcamp treats …