SLAM and HOWIE and the Reserve Men at LesAmis, Berne – Interview

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Lt. Slam is a professional musician based in Berne, Switzerland. He is constantly touring Europe wide and plays about 80 concerts a year in Swiss clubs. chrigu from starfrosch talked with him before a concert he gave at LesAmis, Berne. starfrosch: when we started to include journalism, my first question usually was: how do you use the internet? – is … Read More

KJ Olafs – Kstream

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KJ Olafs from Berne, Switzerland are tape dj’s. They copy the tracks to ordinary tapes and mix it with analog gear on live parties. People are encouraged to bring their own tapes to the parties. This gives a wild stile mix with a lot of interaction with the audience. KJ Olafs are Olaf Ο† and Olaf ρ, they publish their … Read More

Idealist – Broque

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Being an idealist is noble and deserves endorsement. That is exactly the belief of our Zurich-based artist, who releases wonderful tracks in between dub techno and house under this moniker (β€œIdealist”) since a few years on labels such as Deep In Dub or Dreiton. His latest release on Broque, the Defective Units EP, is dedicated to the little flaws, imperfections … Read More

PalΓ©o Festival 2011

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For swiss standards this 27. edition of the festival at the Lake LΓ©man brought off another real extension. Beside other numerous main acts, six different stages and a special theme zone about Caribbean Culture it was the fact to have both Portishead and PJ Harvey live on the main stage Wednesday and Thursday that stole this swiss festival summer. PJ … Read More