Khatia Buniatishvili @ Kulturcasino Bern


Following a Swiss TV Interview some months ago, where Khatia Buniatishvili delivered the impression of being an artist of high retention, she was invited by Migros Kulturprozent Classics to perform at Kulturcasino Berne together with the Orchestre de Paris.

Skinny Jim Tennessee @ Mahogany Hall Berne


If you met Clemens Kuratle as a Free Jazz player together with a violinist, then this project performed at Mahogany Hall Berne last saturday seemed like being a complete U – Turn. While adding perhaps Mongolian overtone chant to his Free Jazz playing two weeks ago, now the pure, driven 60’s cover sound of South Western America stood over all. … Read More

Francesco Tristano @ Dachstock, Berne


Francesco Tristano, innovative Classical Pianist from Luxembourg, was invited by the Dachstock Team to give a presentation of his current electronic work. Experimenting with other forms of musical expression than just playing the piano since his early years, Francesco Tristano is today established in both very different scenes, the Classical concert halls as well as in Electronic Clubs.

Kaceo – Ta plume

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Switzerland has four languages, one of them is french. Kaceo are a group of five musicians from Geneva singing and playing french chansons. Kaceo exists on stage since 2013, but they are active on the internet since 2007 and have reached over 150’000 listens. Vocals, Accordion, Guitar and Drum dominate the light and fleet-footed style that makes you wanna dance … Read More