A Virtual Friend – A55hol3

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These tracks sum up 2016 pretty much. A55hol3s, dicks, jerks, bastards and egoistic criminals started ruling the world. Such a shame. Frustrated people would send their enemies glitter, we send them 2016-a-like tracks. A Virtual Friend deliver five danceable tracks from electro, disco to house all over to edm with just one message: You are just an A55hol3, you are … Read More

Interview – Everybody has to find his own way


Christoph Stiefel is a Swiss jazz pianist and composer based in Zurich. Active since more than 30 years, he ran through a unique development, beginning with a career start without any diploma of a musical academy. In 2014, he was invited to play the 3rd Hauskonzert at chrigu’s home in Fribourg. The next day we had an extensive conversation about … Read More

Maurizio Pollini @ KKL Lucerne


Maurizio Pollini, the Maestro from Milano, was invited by Lucerne Festival im Sommer to celebrate his 40th stage anniversary. After a difficult beginning of their collaboration he then came to Lucerne almost every year, and especially his work together with Pierre Boulez was always supposed to become Sternstunden at the Lake Lucerne.

Montreux 2016


The Montreux Jazz Festival celebrated its 50th edition with a lot of specials and new concepts. For example the collaboration with Images Vevey was strengthened, and notably, the Montreux Jazz Digital Project together with the EPF Lausanne – saving and restarting every audio and video file from the last fifty years could be presented during its final phase.