Why give your music away for free?

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So why do I give my music away for free? It’s a simple calculation. 0.4% of the tracks worldwide make 80% of the money. Mine belong to the 99.6%. I don’t loose 1 cent giving away my tracks also for free under Open Licenses. My tracks are free and also on the shops like Amazon sucks, Apple sucks, Spotify sucks. … Read More

CO2 production of starfrosch

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I want to reduce my CO2 footprint. It’s pretty good so far and I reach my climate goals for 2019 according to several footprint calculators. This and the following calculations are not very scientific, but I’m happy with approximate calculations. One thing I almost failed to calculate is the CO2 production of our server at our provider and sponsor DigitalOcean. … Read More

Celebrate with us the 17. birthday of starfrosch

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My calendar says Sunday 13. January 2002 the project starfrosch was born. That’s 17 years ago. 17 years full of joy (and some fucks) with an enthousiastic community. starfrosch startet when illegal Napster dominated the music industry and offered as one of the first platforms legal open music. starfrosch was leading with its own Open Music releases. starfrosch was a … Read More