Mavrik Kuda – Once You Get It

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Mavrik Kuda introduces authentic hip-hop flavours in his ‘Once You Get It’, which is part of his ‘Feel That Funky Groove’ EP. With a vast archive of original samples, the Russian-based producer constructs a groove that will get heads nodding instantly. The tasty guitar riffs, which slide across a heavy bassline, instigate the feeling of taking part in an 80’s … Read More

Kai Engel – Low Horizon

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Anton Stanislavovich Fedchenkov is Kai Engel, a young russian new classical composer from Moscow. Sometimes bombastic, sometimes just silent and calm he creates soundscapes for relaxed moments. His areas of interest are quite diverse, ranging from neoclassical and epic soundtrack music to meditative ambient and experimental IDM tracks. Dive deep and slowly into the sea. Download Kai Engel – Low … Read More

OX – Subwise Netlabel

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We couldn’t find out where OX has his home on the internet. So just enjoy this nice jazzy downtempo album. It has been released by the Russian Netlabel Subwise from St. Petersburg. Chillout jazz lounge. Download OX – Morning Radio [Creative Commons license] Download full album. Thanks to Subwise Netlabel for the tip.

Opa! – Clinical Archives

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Opa! unites musicians from different parts of the huge area of the former USSR, who once met in Saint Petersburg, multicultural capital of Russia. Their music expresses freedom and euphoria of post-soviet spirit and ancient enigma of Russian Soul. Open-hearted shows, multilingual lyrics of “Opa!” and their willingness to give it all to the audience make this wild positive folk … Read More

Magic Studio – Laser Visa Netlabel

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The 80ies are back. Lots of space synth and kitschy chords to make the italo disco crowd scream. Magic Studio is Anton Vlasov from Russia. The atmosphere of mystery and informality is present in the musical compositions of the project. 80ies italo disco boot mix. Download Magic Studio – Light of this world [Creative Commons license] Thanks to Laser Visa … Read More