Rameses B – Essence EP

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Rameses B from Leeds in the U.K. drops another fine record. Hard to believe that this record is totally free. Sweet melodies combined with ambient soundscapes and spiritual vocal fragments take you on a reflective trip. Kiss me is the highlight of the album. Liquid and light drum&bass shit. Who doesn’t wants to get kissed by a track like this? … Read More

Rameses B – With you

kus- Free MP3 Download, by-nc-nd, by-nc-sa, Creative Commons, Drum'n'Bass

Rameses B probably needs no introduction. Just for the records: He’s from Leeds in the U.K., makes melodic Drum&Bass and drops his excellent freebie. Melodic Drum&Bass Download Ramses B – With you [Creative Commons license] Get more on the Royalty Free #hot100 Charts