Spotlight: RADIO

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We usually do not write much about hip-hop, just because we’re not very much into it. One reason we don’t like hip-hop too much is this nigga, bitch, money rulez rhymes. RADIO is different. Let’s make an exception and introduce RADIO from Denver to you. Maybe we have to rethink our preconceptions. Please introduce yourself to our listeners: Name: Dustin … Read More

The blocSonic Hot List

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blocSonic is a long running label for a wide range of sounds. They did what they do best, release excellent music and collect them for the daily one hour radio show: The blocSonic Hot List. Only the best tracks from blocSonic made it into it. You will meet lot’s of well known friends like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Impossebulls … Read More

A Virtual Friend live at starfrosch

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What? Hit me baby one more time. While everything is melting, we throw the last snowballs: starfrosch presents A Virtual Friend live on the radio and Youtube. Antoine Induni (DJ) and ValĂ©rie Paris (Vocals) already have toured in Japan and China, this time they play especially for you from their home town in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. When? Friday night Mai 8, … Read More


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We’re not talking about beer, which is premium too, we’re talking about the label, they represent fresh, danceable, electronic sounds since more than ten years. Exactly what we need to spice up our radio. Christian Kausch selected 80 excellent tracks from for the daily one hour radio show: Premium Only the best tracks from made it into it. There … Read More

I #Stream, You #Stream, We all #Stream

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When? Friday night April 17, 2015 21.00-23.00 GMT+2 / CET What? We’ll stream Antoine Induni (DJ) and ValĂ©rie Paris (Vocals) from A Virtual Friend​ live from their cosy place to your cosy place. Take part in this virtual event, especially for #stream addicts. Where We stream the video on Meerkat We stream the video on Periscope​ We stream the sound … Read More