Kognitif – Monometric

kusby-nc-nd, Creative Commons, Free MP3 Download, Trip-Hop, Vocal

Kognitif is a french beatmaker with strong skills in abstract hip-hop and trip hop. Nice and easy melodies dream along broken beats, fill the dreams with pleasure and warm feelings to release you into moody emotions. Have a whiskey along the trip-hop path. Download Kognitif – Whiskey Lullaby [Creative Commons license] Download full album Monometric at Bandcamp.

Mounika – Dusted Wax Kingdom

kusby-nc-nd, Creative Commons, Free MP3 Download, Hip-Hop, Podcast

Mounika is an ambitious young french musician, who started in the band Sweet Bang at High School. After that he explored beat making with only one quest: To find the perfect sample. Largely inspired by calm music, he picks his samples in some jazz, funk and abstract songs. He spends most of the time looking for that famous perfect sample, … Read More