Tarra Layne – Cherry Moonshine

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Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Tarra Layne attributes her sound to the city’s rich history – founded on blue-collar values and fueled by the urban influence of Chicago and New York City. Tarra Layne combines her soulful voice with straight southern rock’n’roll. Her lead song has earned her a Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Female Vocal. The heart is … Read More

Tülpa – Pretty Things

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Pretty Things. Pretty, pretty things. Even his mother thinks the tracks are neat. Neat, nice and calm is what best describes Tülpa’s tracks. A lonely piano, some looped voices and almost vanishing beats. Tülpa releases his music on Sony/RCA, Armada, Modern Filth, Moose Records, Bad Panda Recordings or Monstercat. He’s from Pittsburgh and likes Miles Davis. Good choice, a trumpet … Read More

Kellee Maize – Dancing With Lightning

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Kellee Maize began to rap and perform at a young age to entertain herself and escape reality. Her childhoods best friend helped her from her first rap group called Thunder and Lightning at age 9. In many traditions, The 5th Element represents Love – which is the missing element humanity needs to evolve to the next level. Kellee Maize’s music … Read More