Neon NiteClub – U Keep Me Up All Nite

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Every weekend it’s probably a good idea to keep you up all night. Dance uncontrolled and free with Neon NiteClub. This synth banger with catchy vocals and space drums is sunny and lovely at the same time. Neon NiteClub are shining from Florida and perfection the rollerblading daily. Where the sun always shines. Download Neon NiteClub – U Keep Me … Read More

Neon NiteClub – I want you

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This sounds like stuff we listened in the 80ies. And we liked it. And we still do. Neon NiteClub like teddy bears, synths and cheesy vocals. We like cheese too. The only astonishing thing is, that they come from Orlando in Florida, but maybe they have found their audience there, where the sun always shines, the aligators eat seniors and … Read More