The Easton Ellises – Nightwavs

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Alex D., Simon Roy, Luc D. and Gé Pau make up The Easton Ellises from Montreal, Canada which blossomed from a previous electronic music project called Stereomovers. The founding Easton Ellises duo, Alex D and Simon Roy, toured though a good part of Europe doing in the early 2000s, travelling from gig to gig with just samplers and microphones. Powerful … Read More

The Easton Ellises – Enough Records

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The Easton Ellises are Alex D and Simon Roy from Montreal, best friends since their schooldays and former Stereomovers . They met while Simon was studying music and Alex visual arts. They have been making music together for the past fifteen years, playing with many different bands going from psychedelic music to punk-rock, experimental to progressive house. Energetic electronic pop-rock. … Read More