Top 10 CC Tracks from Machtdose according to the alphabet

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We love lists. Hot, long, short, weird. This list fits more the category weird. Ronsens gave us access to his 2000 tracks he every played on his Machtdose podcast. Our creative department got active. We took all tracks from 2015, sorted them by artist name from A-Z and woooooo (sic!) here are the top 10 tracks from Machtdose according to … Read More

Top 10 Tracks from Machtdose

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Machtdose Podcast turns 10 this year. After having played more than 2000 tracks, we kindly asked Roland to send us a kind of top 10. In return he sent us his female singer and producer some kind of best of variation of a top 10. Thank’s for the astonishing collection from queer pop to strange and intimate songs. Here are … Read More

Machtdose – Podcast

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What? You never heard of Machtdose Podcast from Germany. Hard to belive. So here is your chance to listen to one of the most musical free music podcasts. Tune in to a wide monthly variety of beans, oh no, genres. The best selection of red beans ever offered to you. Take them and eat em alive. Groove, shake and feel … Read More