Spotlight – Niki J Crawford

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Niki J Crawford is an American Recording Artist and Songwriter from the small country town of Springhill, Louisiana now residing in Los Angeles. Niki J Crawford and her band from Hollywood got the funk. We had the chance to chat with her and talk about live, love and everything. Have a coffee and listen to her powerful new album, while … Read More

Niki J Crawford – Your Eyes

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Remember the soundtrack to The Streets of San Francisco? Niki J Crawford takes you back in time with multi-layered vocals, well timed brass and the one and only funky guitar riffs needed by this kind of genre. Well played Niki.

Monk Turner – God Complex

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Concept album creator Monk Turner releases his 26th album β€œGod Complex”. The album features songs delivered from the viewpoint of 12 of the major gods from Greek mythology. His music has received national and international attention. In 2013, WFMU and the Free Music Archive held a competition to create a copyright-free version of the β€œHappy Birthday to You”. Turner’s composition … Read More

Dylan Hyde – Anthem

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Have you heard Anthem already? Singing is one of Dylan Hyde‘s talents. His whole family was surprised. His fast growing fanbase motivated him and his family to move to LA to further develop his career. This paid off in working with producer Babyface. Dylan met Cody Simpson and legendary music manager Johnny Wright. Wright has launched the biggest names in … Read More

Jon Maurer – Burning Bright

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Los Angeles based musician Jon Maurer blends the influence of the folk masters with that of singer-songwriters from all eras. His simply-sung melodies take center stage along with his folk-influenced harmonica and fingerpicked acoustic guitar. Well, that’s Jon. And hell what? He has a verified Twitter account. Simple, catchy, folk. Download Jon Maurer – Burning Bright [Creative Commons license] Get … Read More