Skepsis – All Clear

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South London-based Skepsis is no stranger to fans of the new school UK Bass sound. He’s just a stranger to us, but has our attention with his blend of heavy bass, ear hurting snare hits and driving drums. Having been DJing and producing since the age of 15, Skepsis made a breakthrough into the scene in 2015. Bass in your … Read More

Robin Grey – Mariam’s Cake

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Inspired by the work of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen amongst many others, Robin Grey colours in his songs about love and life with guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, piano, and double bass and any other instruments he can afford and fit into his little east London studio. You like subculture genres? How about experimental nu-folk or maybe just file it … Read More

Benton – Actin Up

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Benton’s work is a staple of the UK underground scene. Over the years Benton has earned support from bass heavyweights including N-Type, Skream, Benga amongst Youngsta. His sounds fits very well the minimal bass label FKOF, you already should know. Bone shaking minimal bass sound. Download Benton – Actin Up [Creative Commons license] Get more from FKOF on the Royalty … Read More

Fallen To Flux – From the outside

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Fallen To Flux from rainy London play high energy, melodic metal. They are a four-piece band. Oli Clipsham (Vocals/Guitar), Björn Gugu (Guitar), Luke Walley (Bass) and Chris Trem (Drums). We saw them jumping up and up the #hot111 charts with “Living With The Pain”, who has managed to obtain some views on YouTube across various channels. Melodic, high energy, low … Read More

Guy Valarino – So Glad It’s Christmas

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The sound of Guy Valarino from London brings you acoustic pop, rock with soulful melodies that speak of life, love, sand and sea. Born and bred in Gibraltar, he brings you a warm sound reminiscent of Mediterranean shores. We’re no sure we’re glad to have christmas near, but some good swiss cheese is always…but wait, no swiss cheese here, just … Read More