Matt Lange – Nine Inch Nails – Discipline

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L.A.-based producer and DJ Matt Lange delivers a darkly melodic breed of electronic music. Hand-selected by deadmau5 as one of the latest signings to his label mau5trap, the lifelong musician now makes his full-length debut Ephemera, we don’t talk about. Here’s his rocking Nine Inch Nails remix. We probably don’t have to introduce NIN to you, everyone knows them, not … Read More

Jasmine Jordan – Possibilities

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Jasmin Jordan, L.A. sings over highly polished R&B tracks with her unique voice earworms you won’t easily forget. They eat never ending refrain holes into your wooden brains and leave patterns of love there. Is it R&B? Is it pop? Are there soft Hip-Hop influences? Find out and listen this sweet worm. Industry standard pop. Download Jasmine Jordan – Possibilities … Read More

Makeshivt Kity – Trastienda Netlabel

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Jordannah Elizabeth from LA is Makeshivt Kity. Somewhere between the early work and “Patience“, the new work maintains the experimental approach, leading to more land and lo-fi folk. Coco leaves Rosie on lo-fi. Download Makeshivt Kity – Keep me, Lord [Creative Commons license] Thanks to Trastienda Netlabel for the tip.