KJ Olafs – Mixotic

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KJ Olafs are cassette DJ’s from Switzerland Berne. They have released the niceย electro swing DJ-Mix “Switzerlanded” on the well known DJ-Mix label Mixotic. There wasย already a version of “Switzerlanded” on Youtube, but this time, KJ Olafs deliverย the extended mix (45 cassette minutes) for download. Electro swing trip to hip-hop DJ-Mix. Download KJ Olafs – You’ve been Switzerlanded [Creative Commons license] … Read More

KJ Olafs – Kstream

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KJ Olafs from Berne, Switzerland are tape dj’s. They copy the tracks to ordinary tapes and mix it with analog gear on live parties. People are encouraged to bring their own tapes to the parties. This gives a wild stile mix with a lot of interaction with the audience. KJ Olafs are Olaf ฯ† and Olaf ฯ, they publish their … Read More