MayaDog – Memento

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Paolo is MayaDog and lives and was born in Florence, Italy. If you ever have a chance to go to the Tuscany, be sure to visit Florence with its beautiful historic architecture. Paolo is an autodidact who learned to play the piano and studied the acoustic guitar. He likes orchestral instruments, but his greatest love is the saxophone and the … Read More

ArpXP & Reza – When You Gone

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ArpXP is a DJ producer and graphic designer based in Cagliari, Sardinia. His style is a standard blend of drum & bass, future garage breaks and deep dubstep widely covering the modern bass music spectrum in its cutting edge aspects from 120 to 170 bpm. When it comes to highly traditional, standardized drum & bass, there is just one thing … Read More

Spotlight: 51beats

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The Record Label Spotlight features various excellent record labels who release under a Creative Commons license or for free download. This time we ask a few questions to Roberto Mantovan, the founder of the 51beats netlabel. Please introduce you and your record label to our listeners. In the “real” world, I (Roberto Mantovan) am a Physicist doing research in the … Read More

Top 10 Tracks from Yo[U-Turn]

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Yo[U-Turn] is a Netaudio blog of digital music distribution. All releases are available through free downloads under a Creative Commons license, by netlabels. We asked them to send us their Top 10 of free music download. Free like free in freedom, not that OMG I hop on the train and can stream the new Miley Cyrus album for free in … Read More

Domenico Crispino – The sunrise behind the mountain

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Domenico Crispino lives in bella Roma in Italy. He is most active on Soundcloud with pleasing piano supported tracks. Easy going, some sun, the beach and a drink on a lounge. That’s how you should drink and inhale this music. Lounge piano melodies. Download Domenico Crispino – The sunrise behind the mountain [Creative Commons license] Get more on the Royalty … Read More