Sex Whales – Poor Bird

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Sex Whales is 15 year old dumbhead producer. Wait what? Tal Rochman form Israel is a 15 years old sex whale dumbhead producer? How does this sound like? Like SEO for Sex or Whales? Both. An interesting approach to music. [Creative Commons license] Download track at Soundcloud.

Madettek – Black Hoodies

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Madettek are Dor Gurevich and Omer Menashe from Tel Aviv in Israel. I guess we never had artists from Israel. The next artists should come from Palestine, but don’t get to aggressive about the politics, just enjoy the show. Massive electronic hands in the air track. [Creative Commons license] Download track at Soundcloud.

Sasha Raskin – diym Netlabel

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Electroacoustic. That’s the word that best describes Jerusalem-based Sasha Raskin‘s sound, a seamless blend of classical instruments and electronic noise. “Only Music” mixes breaked rhythms and synths with everything from brass and funked-out guitars to plucked violin strings and lonely saxophone lines. For Raskin, it’s all about giving to others what music has given him. “Music saved my life. Whether if you’re a musician … Read More