129 Open Music Artists to Follow

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The starfrosch #hot111 covers more than 7000 Open Music Artists. These are too many to follow. To help you through the jungle here’s the list of the top 129 Open Music artists to follow. Still too many? Just watch this weekly updated list or register and star your favourite ones to get notified weekly. 404Flo A Himitsu A Virtual Friend … Read More

#hot111 Bot Machine Room Inside

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You might be wondering how our bot is creating the #hot111 charts. Here are some simplified insights. Every Sunday our bot runs on our test system and generates the charts. We manually check the results for spam, statistic cheaters and errors. Every Monday our bot runs in production. It takes 31 steps, here’s the simplified breakdown to thirteen. The whole … Read More

Never forget a track – Your Downloads

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We released a new feature on the #hot111. Register, login and you have access to your last 111 downloads. All your last 111 downloaded tracks you will find on “Your Downloads”. You find “Your Downloads” on your user menu. “Your Downloads” is sorted by last updated. Have fun for quick access to your beloved tracks. Share “Your Downloads” with your … Read More