Don’t paniq – Crowd funding works

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Paniq is a well known artist in the Creative Commons music scene. His new album is here. You can download it for free or a voluntary donation. It’s catchy tunes, heavy basslines go deep into your ears and will stay there forever and will create you a good mood. The whole album was crowd funded. It was produced only with … Read More

Herb & Matt – Supafeed

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Herb LF & Matt Flores are real housekeepers. With their deep and emotional voice they spice up their sound. Herb LF started withΒ  hip-hop and found later his love in the UK sounds (drum & bass, 2step and house). One of his projects is the Supafeed netlabel. He is also master engineer for well known labels like Musik Krause, Freude … Read More

Zoe.LeelA – rec72 Netlabel

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Zoe.LeelA makes a perfect day even better. Zoe.LeelA was born the daughter of a Croatian mother and an Italian father in Ulm. Urban sounds ready for your mobile device. Porous jazz influences, urban hip-hop salutes, and sober, electronic sounds reflect the structured chaos found within an international, musical metropolis. Thanks to the Creative Commons license, several film makers already used … Read More

Dub One! – Ideology Netlabel

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Dub One! from Berlin born in 1972, first contact with keys with the age of 5, wanting to become a jazz pianist within a phases of puberty-megalomania. Touching jazz, jazz-rock and funk, he happily arrived at downtempo, dub, reggae and trip-hop, you can still hear his musical past, much to the dislike of some hardliners. Off-beat! Download Dub One! – … Read More