David Fray @Zentrum Paul Klee


In his still young career David Fray has already reached a reputation to be called outstanding. Several recordings for Warner, two Echo Klassik awards and the most prestigious price in France, the Les Victoires de la musique classique, do confirm his merits in the uppermost grades of judgement.

I’m Fresh! You’re Pretty! – Christmas avec toi

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Not only the bandname I’m Fresh! You’re pretty! is cheesy, but also the sound. But isn’t christmas also a bit of cheesy as long as you stick to the clichΓ©s? I’m Fresh! You’re pretty! are lovers of Weezer, Daft punk, the 90’s, vintage analog keyboards, heady guitar riffs and 140 BPM techno beat, the trio from Angers loves to make … Read More

Top 10 Tracks from adiffuser.net

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Antoine from adiffuser collects the very best Creative Commons albums from Bandcamp and publishes them. He also runs a podcast and a Radio Show on Canal B. He’s a real connaisseur of vocals and guitars. We’re happy to have his selection with us. Here’s part 1 of his astonishing Top 10. Enjoy. Batty Blue – Words That Itch Waterpistol – … Read More

Dada & The Weatherman – Fuck It

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We should say more fuck it or just fuck, but note the difference between fuck you and fuck it. For this review zero fucks have been given. So fuck it. Btw: Dada & The Weatherman are from Paris, the city of love and yeah, they got the groove. Just say fuck it and just go to hell. Download Dada & … Read More