From The Dust – We Rise

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From The Dust is Jonathan Hano a 21 year old producer from America. He produces simple EDM, modern Dubstep tracks. While he is not busy, he’s tutoring mix downs, mastering and arrangement. Read a short interview at We Rise is a melodic track with the usual and genre typic bass wobbles. You can even use it commercialy for free … Read More

Space Adept – Would You Like To Bounce, Señorita

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This is Space Adept hailing from Switzerland, where the mountains are snowy, the lakes are blue and clear, the cheese is cheesy and the sound not always is. Unique sounds, big melodies and driving beats: space adept travels with you through the depths of electronic dance music. Nice and easy melodic EDM. [Creative Commons license] Download track at Soundcloud.

Lookas – Loko

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Lookas from Miami heats up the crowd. He started in his bedroom and likes music that is very massiv. Massive, sick EDM. [Creative Commons license] Download full album at Soundcloud. Get ready for the Creative Commons Hot 111 Download Charts.

TheBlackParrot – Identity EP

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TheBlackParrot from Decatur U.S. an A. is too lazy to write a bio about her majesty. Ok, he’s just 17 and maybe when he grows up, he learns to write. Maybe not. Until then, we just hear his EDM tracks or watch him playing Duke Nukem 3d on twitch. Or in his own words “My stuff is da bes stuff.” OMG, WTF, LOL. … Read More