Spotlight: RADIO

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We usually do not write much about hip-hop, just because we’re not very much into it. One reason we don’t like hip-hop too much is this nigga, bitch, money rulez rhymes. RADIO is different. Let’s make an exception and introduce RADIO from Denver to you. Maybe we have to rethink our preconceptions. Please introduce yourself to our listeners: Name: Dustin … Read More

Dënver – El fondo del barro – Ulabel

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Here’s Dënver, a bloody duo from San Felipe with “Sangre Cita”. It’s the fourth work of Milton Mahan and Mariana Montenegro. Sangre means blood and there’s a lot of it around their work. Some plastic, some pop, some techno and a heavy dose of electro pop makes this album danceable. Have a vampire for lunch. Download Dënver – El fondo … Read More