10 Spooky Scary Free MP3 for Halloween

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Are you looking for dark,spooky, scary, sad and hopeless tracks to download for your Halloween party. Here’s our favourite Open Music collection from the #hot111. Download Ghosts at the #hot111 Download The Mist at the #hot111 Download Twisted at the #hot111 Download Dim at the #hot111 Download Frankenstein at the #hot111 Download Hopeless at the #hot111 Download Spooky Scary Skeletons … Read More

starfrosch – Fight for Your Reit (prod. Light-foot feat. Emily Coy)

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Another day, another birthday, another track. The alternative culture center Reithalle in Bern, Switzerland turns 30. As teenagers, 30 years ago, we spent a lot of good times there. Having a beer, a good concert and having a good talk to the peer group. Over the years it always was a controversial place. For one a too anarchist refugium and … Read More