Lulacruza – Orcas Remixed Vol. 1

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Lulacruza is an electronic folk duo melting the modern with the ancient. Their music weaves together hypnotic female singing, South American folk instruments and electronic stuff. Lulacruza is made up of Alejandra Ortiz (Colombia) and Luis Maurette (Argentina). Alejandra is a songbird and plays the Colombian cuatro and percussion. Luis Maurette complements with electronic processing and sequencing, as well as …

DBR – Sahura

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DBR is an 18 years old EDM producer of progressive house, house, electro house and dubstep. He’s from Cali, Colombia. Orchestral dubby step. [Creative Commons license] Download track at Soundcloud.

Panorama – Series Media Netlabel

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Panorama is a band from MedellΓ­n, Colombia. They focus their attention on subtle arrangements, the magic of guitars, synths, echoes and reverbs rather than taking the easy path and drawing attention to illusions. With a remarkable team of musicians, including Natalia Valencia and Juan Fernando Montoya, Panorama achieve an exceptional expressive level. Electric pop. Download Panorama – No encuentro las …