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Mayze is a multi-talented Hip-Hop and R&B, singer-songwriter and producer from Toronto, Ontario. The 20-year-oldโ€™s music blends and bridges the gaps between the punch of hip-hop and soft smooth melodies of R&B, making for a catchy, yet direct and edgy sound. Martin Vide is a 20 years old producer from Poland.

OMFG – Hello – Download

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OMFG is Alex Savage from Edmonton in Canada and is releasing ghost productions. It’s always better to have a female producer in front of a project than a nerdy nerd. Depending on the make up, she looks between 18 and 35 years old. The whole thing looks like a pretty professional production. There’s more than just one person behind this … Read More

OMFG – Hello

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OMFG is Alex Savage and breaks the internet without a photoshoped butt. She’s from Edmonton in Canada and has just produced one song. We hope that it’s hers. Btw: We’re absolutly shure, that this is professional marketing, professional arrangement, professional mastering. This track has not been created by Alex. She’s fake. She’s probably pushed by an agency who want’s to … Read More

The Easton Ellises – Nightwavs

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Alex D., Simon Roy, Luc D. and Gรฉ Pau make up The Easton Ellises from Montreal, Canada which blossomed from a previous electronic music project called Stereomovers. The founding Easton Ellises duo, Alex D and Simon Roy, toured though a good part of Europe doing in the early 2000s, travelling from gig to gig with just samplers and microphones. Powerful … Read More

Tom Fahy – Auralnaut

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Tom Fahy is a multi instrumentalist, who died according to this blog post Juneย 2009, someone at Auralnaut Records still keepsย his music alive and even blogs under his nameย and releases new music. Whatever the truth is, his new classical piano pieces are pure light. “Die letzte Geburt Haus” tells us, the title of the track should be german, but it’s not. … Read More