Filosofia Reggae – Pequenininha

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Three women, three voices that is Filosofia Reggae from Brazil. They’re trying hard to spell filosofy and play, what did you expect, reggae and mix it with samba, r&b, blues, hip hop,funk and soul. They are regularly releasing CD’s since 2003 with a lot of success and airplay. In 2016, they decided to give away their album for free. You … Read More

Leoni – Amar Um Pouco Mais

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Leoni is composer, musician and singer fro Rio. He began his career by founding the “Kid Abelha” in the early 80s, where he served as bassist and main songwriter. After four gold records, that’s over 500,000 copies sold, he left the “Kid Abelha” in 1986, to found the “Heroes of the Resistance.” With his new band he toured the country … Read More

Andreia Dacal – Fresh Poulp Records

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Andreia Dacal from Rio de Janeiro releases her third album, Paradoxos EP. Known for her special mix of reggae, dub, hip-hop and latin music. From classic spoken word dub tunes to more latin-oriented, experimental works, Andreia will surprise you once again with her inspired poetry, positive energy and musical open-mindedness. Laid back latin reggae. Download Andreia Dacal – ParadoxosΒ [Creative Commons … Read More