Khatia Buniatishvili @ Kulturcasino Bern

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Following a Swiss TV Interview some months ago, where Khatia Buniatishvili delivered the impression of being an artist of high retention, she was invited by Migros Kulturprozent Classics to perform at Kulturcasino Berne together with the Orchestre de Paris.

Skinny Jim Tennessee @ Mahogany Hall Berne

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If you met Clemens Kuratle as a Free Jazz player together with a violinist, then this project performed at Mahogany Hall Berne last saturday seemed like being a complete U – Turn. While adding perhaps Mongolian overtone chant to his Free Jazz playing two weeks ago, now the pure, driven 60’s cover sound of South Western America stood over all. …

Spotlight: Francesco Tristano

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starfrosch’s very own chrigu had the opportunity to interview Francesco Tristano before his gig at the Dachstock in Berne, Switzerland. Enjoy this short talk about internet and music, best pianos and Einsiedler beer.

The buenzli reboot party

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Get ready for an exciting evening full of digital subculture. As you know we like to celebrate, watch movies, listen to music, chat with friends and have a beer. This is your chance to have it all at the same time. And remember: This is why and where we started. The buenzli reboot party in Berne, Switzerland. December 12, 2015 …

Mainware – Volcano

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Kevin Winkelmann and Marco Glaesel, aka Mainware, are two DJs and producers from the EDM heart of Europe, Switzerland. Oh yeah BΓ€rner Giele, totally forgot, that we are living in the heart of europe: Berne. Oh wait, they don’t live in Berne. They live in BΓ€tterkinden where 24% is forested and 57.8% is used for agricultural purposes. Having started out …