Spotlight: BitBurner

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We have the undeniable pleasure to interview the uber geek musician BitBurner. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome on stage the BitBurner, the inventor of Arcadestep. Please introduce yourself to our listeners. My name is BitBurner. I’m 44 years old from Bakersfield California. I make bass music with sounds from old arcade games, cartoons and memes etc in my productions. It’s … Read More

Bitburner – Wubalubadubdub

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Bitburner makes a lot of free music out of old arcade games sounds. He grew up in the heyday of arcades and loves the way they sound and everything about them. To create his sounds Bitburner uses Nanostudio on his iPad. The second is Ableton Live. He really loves Ableton’s flexibility and power. Watch Bitburner’s tutorial, how to play old … Read More