Empress Play – Time To Go

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Nerd alert! We do not often have artists from Australia. This is where Empress Play aka Melody Ayres-Griffiths is hailing from. She started composing music for Microsoft’s WebTV platform in the mid-1990s. Ever since, she has continued to produce electronic music for a number of projects. Empress Play is her latest project, a chiptune arpeggio loaded adventure in retro-fusion, mixing … Read More

The Womb – Sex Club

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The Womb are a band formed in 1998 by the English musician Alan Driscoll, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. The line-up and musical style of The Womb constantly changes. Sex Club was written and performed by Alan Driscoll with Penny Walker-Keefe. She has this wonderful and ear petting voice that makes you blush. Have sex all night long. Download The … Read More

MiRVA- Stay With Me

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Time for a love song? With Mirva you’re never wrong. “Stay With Me” is hard at the border to kitsch, but never crosses this delicate border. MiRVA from Sydney wants to create a feel-good, inspirational & serotonin-raising musical experiences and she does this very well. Under the MiRVA umbrella, she strives to make music that is good for the soul … Read More

The Skellingtons – Jazz Is Dead Digital

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Yeah, a cornet (almost a trumpet) solo. Yeah, some piano. Yeah, a vocalist. Take a guitar and a clarinet mix all togheter and let’s swing along the jazzy road. Don’t forget the double bass and the drums for the bottom. The Skellingtons hail from Australia and they are welcome everywhere. Eamon McNelis: Cornet and Vocals Brennan Hamilton-Smith: Clarinet Steve Grant: … Read More