Wes Brooks – Back then

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Wes Brooks, Austin Texas, has melancholic melodies, a calm deep voice and catchy hooks. We like the little piano sample, the sad character of the track and adore his voice. His tracks are simple, but well structured. On top of this, the nasally voice makes it a unique sound and style with retro vinyl crackles. Melancholic pop influenced hip-hop. Download … Read More

Eric Dingus – lost… without u

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β€œThe lyrics, beats, an indication that things are fucked up, and we’re not gonna sit here and take it,” Mike said of Eric’s first exposure to rap. β€œWe’re gonna point that shit out and get in everybody’s face about it. This needs to be said.” Thank’s a lot Eric Dingus for this extraordinary track. A blend of Scotch with rap … Read More

Tiger Waves

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Reid Comstock, James Marshall and others from Austin are Tiger Waves. They play soft surf rock that floats nicely into your ears. Uplifting songs for your iWhatever or CopyPhone. Surf the pop wave. [Creative Commons license] Thanks to Commons Baby for the tip.

T Bird and the Breaks

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T Bird and the Breaks are full fresh funky soul men. T Bird and the Breaks are one of those gangs of people who could have easily banded together to steal hub caps or hustle you out of your last dollar in a game of street craps. Lucky for all involved, they chose to make music. The core of this … Read More