Kalenna aka K-diddybop – Inspiration

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Kalenna aka K-diddybop from Atlanta has written for all your favorite groups. She was in the group Dirty Money with Sean Diddy Combs. Now she’s here to entertain you with her solid pop flavored R&B, a delicious voice and top notch produced tracks. She let’s us know, that she’s working very hard everyday in the studio supported by her little … Read More

Dj Speedy aka Harvey Miller dedicates tracks to starfrosch

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Do you remember our Spotlight about free music with DJ Speedy aka Harvey Miller? The guy who sold over 25 million records, who worked with BeyoncΓ©, Big Boi of Outkast, Nelly or Jay-Z, stayed in contact with us and asked starfrosch to create a track for us. Who would say no?

Spotlight – Dj Speedy aka Harvey Miller

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For our blog series Spotlight about artists and labels releasing under Creative Commons we had the chance to chat with Harvey Miller. 25 millions of sold albums, 28 year of experience in the music industry, 10k produced tracks. And now he goes Creative Commons.

Feverkin & Koresma – Golden (feat. Cuff Malloy)

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The collaboration between Feverkin & Koresma results in damped, downtempo tracks enhanced with the sax from Cuff Malloy. The jazzy elements combined with some mellow guitar riffs carry the sax. The hand crafted bass helps to complement the mood. Easy listening jazzy groove. Download Feverkin & Koresma – Golden [Creative Commons license] Get more on the #hot111 Charts

Fuse – No Matter How You See It

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Fuse is the brainchild of local Atlanta musicians and songwriters, Byro + Merlo. They feature a variety of alternative rock, pop, classic rock and electronic pop. The goal is to write music that inspires, moves and rocks both as a band but also for placement in movies, tv and for other up and coming artists. No Matter How You See … Read More