Thomas Gresen – Back Again

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Thomas Gresen creates free Future Bass, EDM and Trap. Half Argentinian half Danish he’s living in Spain from where he’s about to take the world. He already has five years experience, keep an eye on him. His favourite is Back Again, a melodic Future Bass track, with the typical pitched vocal samples for this genre. He created it one year … Read More

Lulacruza – Orcas Remixed Vol. 1

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Lulacruza is an electronic folk duo melting the modern with the ancient. Their music weaves together hypnotic female singing, South American folk instruments and electronic stuff. Lulacruza is made up of Alejandra Ortiz (Colombia) and Luis Maurette (Argentina). Alejandra is a songbird and plays the Colombian cuatro and percussion. Luis Maurette complements with electronic processing and sequencing, as well as … Read More

Marcelo Vasami – Why not

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Marcelo Vasami‘s interest in electronic music dates back to his adolescence, mainly by listening to house music. DJing is Marcelo’s second nature and soon enough he was producing. First by playing in private parties for friends, then in bars and clubs all over Argentina. Meanwhile Marcelo has become a DJ with international reach. Internationally styled house music. Download Marcelo Vasami … Read More

Lucianno V & Ignacio Sietetrece – unfoundsound records

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Lucianno Vย (real nameย Luciano Villarreal) was born in 1988 and hails from Cรณrdoba, Argentina, where he djs and produces regularly. He started out as a drummer in a local band creating sounds that closely resembled hip-hop, jazz and soul. After that, he grew closer to electronic music — making a variety of deep techno, minimal techno and tech-house. Ignacio Sietetrece is … Read More

Leandro Casas – Clinical Archives

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Leandro Casas from Argentina is an arranger, composer and musician. He began his piano studies at the “Arturo Beruttiโ€ conservatory.ย  In 2006, resumed his academic studies through Initiation Institute Autoral “Sebastian Pianaโ€ (SADAIC). Studying “Harmony and Composition” I, II and III, by the pianist, arranger and composer Juan Carlos Cirigliano; and “Orchestration and Counterpoint” I and II, by the arranger, … Read More