Want to discover more unique music from the thrilling Open Music community? Check out our partners, their ways too cool.

cctrax Quality is key. Curated Creative Commons music. A handpicked selection of contemporary music and playlists. Never mind the corporations.

Phlow Magazine offers you 463 mp3 reviews of free available Creative Commons Music releases and more than 20 compilations to download.

White Market Podcast is a silver innovation award winning show about free music and free culture by Rute Correia.

freiΒ² is a monthly radio show featuring only open music since 2007 on Freies Radio Kassel and bermuda.funk (Germany + podcast).

HyperR@dio is a german Webradio/Podcast about Creative Commons content with a special feature: background information on a timeline. We produce interviews with the stakeholder of the scene (artists, netlabel) and we cooperate with Radio Lora Munich.

blocSonic is a music label that’s been focused on spotlighting and delivering incredible Creative Commons licensed music since 2007.