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starfrosch is your destination for the world's most popular Royalty Free Creative Commons music charts, news and radio. Every Monday our robot fetches the last month legal and downloadable Creative Commons MP3 tracks from SoundCloud®, Jamendo®, Free Music Archive® and®. That's more than 45'000 tracks everytime. He runs them thru the Spam filter, sorts them by Hotrank® and spits out the Hot 100. That's it. Enjoy the Top MP3 downloads and streams.




Hotrank® (PDF) is a kind of magic. At the moment it is influenced by MP3 downloads, streams, favorites, the published date, Facebooks shares and likes, plays and listeners.


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Just hit play and let the MP3 run in the background. The stream is continuous.


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You can use the Royalty Free Music in Youtube videos, Twitch videos or your multimedia projects as long as you respect the Creative Commons Licenses. Especially for you to monetize content, we created the #hot111 Modify Commercially Charts. They are sortable by genre, check them out. Please use proper attribution/credits, when you reuse a track. You can use the red "Copy Credits" button on every tracks detail page.


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