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RnB - 👁Eyeless Silas👁 - Eyes Closed - Eyeless Silas (Prod. GHXST)


Eyes Closed - Eyeless Silas (Prod. GHXST)

👁Eyeless Silas👁

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i keep my eyes closed cuz they hurt my thoughts... Twitter/IG : @Eyeless_Silas written/engineered/mixed&mastered : Eyeless Silas Produced : GHXST LYRICS: here i am again lost in all my sins thinkin bout the past and compare it to how i been damn, what a mirage what a collage if things ive done wrong why i get gone freestylin my songs but i still go hard see now its my job stuck inside this lifestyle with no cause but i do it all tryna climb this wall well i try to, i been stuck inside my mind at night gettin high in my vibes to and thinkin bout this generation where its hate and lies where women womenize themselves i try to save em but it aint workin lately hit the pavement, man control human races thru mutilation and we cant do shit its so humiliating i just hope that our children have a better savior and clean air and water and some mother nature thats why meditate through this medication i wonder how suppressing all that fuckin pain is if you could see yourself through other peoples faces would you see the devils working on his demonstration how we got niggas starving but can afford new pavements more military weapons and less education every corner bigger chapels and churches but less trees and earth man we purging to purchase doesnt make sense but it makes dollars i guess paper is simply just an object in debt but we dont have no other options except work our whole life just to barely make rent my value my word, my word is my bond i keep my eyes closed cuz they hurt my thoughts illuminated i aint even have to steal the halo it was given to me by angel in a white suede coat thats how i got my wings came out the womb airborn i made it thru the streets i aint fallin down, i aint giving up cuz when im feelin down, i be twisting up temporary pain go away please i smoke 7 days got me all week fatigued like the atmosphere see i speak all this truth but its facts you fear im tryna learn how to fly without flying first im tryna learn how to live without dying first i wonder if god likes my enemies or if i just recieve negative energy i never seen whole world this empty buggin off the drugs, dmt and pcp i see the waves i feel the heat i pop a tab and hit the weed cuz everyday see i feel pain, you just gotta be insane to understand mayne cuz i just live my life and im finna strive life is like a mountain you gotta climb and when i get to the very top though... i will never drop though my value my word, my word is my bond i keep my eyes closed cuz they hurt my thoughts do you see what im sayin i say what im seeing they tryna trap evil inside these kind beings well i guess it wasnt kind of them at all its a different kind of view when you climb just to fall ouu.. yeah (swang)

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