Top 10 Tracks from AuBoutDuFil

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Oh, how we love AuBoutDuFil. A small but excellent Creative Commons music portal with a very good curation done by Eric. It’s time for the AuBoutDuFil top 10. Enjoy.

Small RadioLSF 7th Gear Remix

AnitekBroke Inside My Mind (feat Ellie Griffiths)

Domenico CurcioPetite Valse


AnoisBeds and Dishes

OrouniPanic at the Beehive feat. Mlie

WasaruNew Andromeda Theory

MounikaSoul Blue Tango

Frank MolderOrbital Movement

Guillaume de la ChapelleTango des squelettes

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Julian Calor – Childhood

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Julian Calor signing his debut release to Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings (sounds popular) and having since found supporters in Tiesto (more popular, missed the ë), Nicky Romero (Nicky who?), Don Diablo (totally unknown), Dada Life (Aha), Diplo (another popular name), Martin Garrix (just dropping the name in case you know it) to name but a few (Yeah, there are so many more. Who?), the talents of Julian Calor seem to be flourishing well above his years (What else?).

Childhood (a freebie) has some 8-bit retro sounds in it (our childhood was different, we used oscilloscopes not computers), but it’s probably a gameboy that Julian spent his time with. Melodies are simple but groovy, the beat not too sophisticated. The breaks: EDM classics (they never go to eleven). This sounds a bit negative, just a little bit, but nevermind: Childhood goes straight to the top of the 2015 #hot100 charts. Enjoy ravin’, it’s friday (like every week).

Pi-pa-popular EDM.

Download Julian Calor – Childhood [Creative Commons license]

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Alec Troniq & Gabriel Vitel –

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Those guys traveled the worlds dance floors for over two years and when you hear their new album you know: You just want to dance. Groovy beats with pop flavored vocals. Dark rhythms over shiny melodies, that’s Alec Troniq and Gabriel Vitel the way we like it.

Support them and create your own video. Here’s an example.

Time to dance.

Download Alec Troniq & Gabriel Vitel – Faces [Creative Commons license]

Download full album.

Yes, we’ll air this. It’s on the radio.

Wes Brooks – Back then

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Wes Brooks, Austin Texas, has melancholic melodies, a calm deep voice and catchy hooks. We like the little piano sample, the sad character of the track and adore his voice. His tracks are simple, but well structured. On top of this, the nasally voice makes it a unique sound and style with retro vinyl crackles.

Melancholic pop influenced hip-hop.

Download Wes Brooks – Back then [Creative Commons license]

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LeRoyce – Wake Up (prod. by Oshi)

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LeRoyce Jackson is part of the Elevæted collective from Dallas, Texas. Part of the crew are T Gallardo, Aaron, Ayo, Evans and Samsonyte.

Samsonyte is one of the Elevæted peer group collective pioneers born and raised in Dallas. Elevæted was originally created with the intent to make a company that distributes clothing merchandise, but transformed into a collective full of artists, of all kinds, who strive to make a positive impact on our world. Well done.

Let’s listen to LeRoyce. He’s waking us up today. For our timezone that’s too late, we’re already working.

Collective, positive rap.

Download LeRoyce – Wake Up [Creative Commons license]

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