Botany Bay remix contest

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Botany Bay from Germany are working hard on their new album. They now want you to remix one of their songs: A better way. Your free to choose your genre to whatever you like: Techno, dance, dub, club, trip-hop.

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How to self-promote your music

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So you are an artist and have a new album. You want to make yourself heard, but nobody, absolutely nobody has waited for your release. Your missing a fan base. Build a fan base. Collect e-mails with your newsletter, run a blog and collect RSS subscribers, don’t forget Twitter and Facebook. Try it at MySpace. Play gigs at your local community (that’s the best) and sell your CD’s there.

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How to create a hit

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Here’s an interview with the Belgian producer Paul Van Haver, better know as “Stromae” and he shows us how he created his hit “Alors on danse”. Quite interesting but little bit messed with the Propellerheads Reason commercials.
The message is simple: Buy Reason and you can create a hit. You know it’s creativity not tools.

Thanks for the image smemon

Swiss netlabel transforms

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The swiss netlabel alpinechic with lots of Creative Commons licensed music transforms to a new label: fictional island.

fictional islands sets off, where alpinechic has stopped, but focuses on artists, bands and musicians that play real instruments, sing real songs and live real lives with true emotions.

fictional island will release indie, alternative, electro rock and all of their relatives.

Have listen to Le Zero

Le Zero – Dive by fictionalisland

Good luck guys.