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The “Say Thanks” popup

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Jerry Spoon & starfrosch – Album Absorbed out now

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After eight month of work with 26 artists, the Bernese musicians Jerry Spoon & starfrosch released their melodic, ambient to organic technoid album “Absorbed” on August, 23.

The tracks with driving drums and spherical synthesizers with vocals (Ki Mono, Irina, Henry’s Affair, Kara Square) and remixes from the environment of the musicians, are sometimes filigree to danceable. Their sound moves the crowd in the clubs, but also fits in the hammock on the beach.

Visuals coded by Eke PΓ©ter

Jerry Spoon & starfrosch work in the genres Organic Downtempo, Electronica and Melodic Techno. Connecting elements are the liquid techno beats, trance synths, guitar and vocals.

Can I use this album in my videos on YouTube?

Yes, all we ask is that you credit Jerry Spoon & starfrosch and songs used in the description of your video and add links to and

The album Absorbed is free to use for independent creators and their User Generated Content.

Jerry Spoon & starfrosch – Kalte Ohren

Listen to the album on Spotify, BandCamp, YouTube, iTunes, SoundCloud, Juno or your favourite online store.

YouTuber will get a free copy of “Absorbed”. Contact us for further informations.

Jerry Spoon & starfrosch announce the album Absorbed

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Jerry Spoon & starfrosch will release their melodic techno album “Absorbed” August 23th, 2019.

It begins

During the last six month Jerry Spoon & starfrosch are working together with various musicans on their new album. Jerry Spoon met starfrosch at Les Digitales, the festival for electronic and experimental music on various locations in Switzerland. Five month after that meeting, they produced their first track “Kalte Ohren”. Jerry Spoon & starfrosch realized, they want to create an album together.

Jerry Spoon & starfrosch at the echoic room


The concept melts the international community around starfrosch with the local bernese community around Jerry Spoons mix and mastering Studio Voisier Bern.


First they initiated a remix contest on the globaly networked remix community The result after only 14 days was exciting. Artists contributed 14 inspiring remixes from all around the world. Jerry Spoon & starfrosch selected one remix from Disfunction_AL (Rome, Italy) to appear on the album. You can hear to selected remixes on the “Kalte Ohren Remix” album.

starfrosch & Jerry Spoon at the anechoic room

The remixes

At the same time Jerry Spoon asked his local community to contribute remixes. There will be at least 2 more remixes from Bern, Switzerland. Maybe there are some more suprises, hopefully all can copy with the deadline.


During the last 6 month they have worked on 15 melodic techno tracks with guest musicians Chrigu (Piano), Darja (Vocals), Skupin (Vocals) and Irina (Vocals). Six tracks and three to four remixes will appear on their album “Absorbed”.

Jerry Spoon

The vision

“We’re glad to have the opportunity to work together with Switzerlands award winning photographer Florian Spring” says Jerry Spoon “he transformed our vision of “Absorbed” into press and album cover pictures.” All the pictures have been taken at former PTTs high-tech anechoic and echoic rooms. They have been used for decades to build precise acoustic machines. Now they served as perfect background to illustrate Jerry Spoon & starfroschs album “Absorbed”.



During the creation process of the album, they have been absorbed. “Music helps us to fall into a deep state of meditation and keeps us in a constant flow. While we are more and more distracted by short messages and constant attention seeking notifications by nudge product and software design, the more we need to focus and get absorbed. Absorbed in thought, musing to find inner peace.” says starfrosch “We’re sunken and absorbed by thoughts and music.”

Frog Legs Rag

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Let me entertain you with your Bandcamp player limits demonstration including a little title animation. It’s a frog jumping.

Sliced Frog Legs Rag stutter. Repeated listening will make it flow nicer. Try it, it’s called caching.

The original composition recorded in 1902 from Scott Joplin, carefully sliced into pieces and uploaded persevering by starfrosch. It ranked #10 on the “Songs of the Century” list.

Shortest Track in the World released by starfrosch (Update)

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Shortest Track in the World

Swiss artist starfrosch releases the shortest track ever in the world. He challenges current world record holder Napalm Death with its 1.316 seconds long track “You suffer”. starfroschs experimental electronic track “Half Sine” is just a half sine curve long. “I’m always on the run for something new” says Markus Koller “and this is technology and art extended to the limit.”

One Bit Remix takes this even further to one audio sample. It’s 1/44’000 of a second. It’s hard to say if this remix sample qualifies for a track, but it’s definitly short. With advanced technology, we’ll be even capable to release 1/96’000 remixes. “I’d enjoy remixes from all around the world” says the artist.


Digging into the limits of PCM WAV and FLAC the artist was capable to improve the shortness of the track even further. FLAC supports a sample rate of 655’530, only Bandcamp has some troubles processing it. Download and listen to the shortest track ever (right click…save as). It’s 1/655’530 second long.

“Half Sine” questions what we recognize as music.

This is the shortest track ever released in the world. It’s a half sine curve with 443Hz. It’s not yet recognized by Guiness World Records, but it has good chances to stay there forever.