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The Buenzli Reboot Party – Impressions

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Last saturday there was the Buenzli Reboot party, a retrospective of the last 20 years of demos coded by sceners. For those not familiar with the demoscene, that’s where short visual programs are coded as a competition. It’s a specialized form of computer art driven by reputation. The Buenzli or Demodays is a yearly gathering of 50-100 coders who participate in this Hackathon you would say nowadays.

The Buenzli invitation from 2011


Characters by various authors, Pixel People

The Buenzli Reboot party was organized by Echtzeit and soda.camp with a team including starfrosch, and presented by Oleg Lavrovsky and JΓΆrg Berkel.

The demoscene is an amazing pool of digital creativity and will be hopefully also part of the crowdfunded MuDA, the Museum of Digital art in Zurich.

Demos initially where Cracktros, a short commercial at the beginning of every cracked program. There are still active cracking groups like Razor 1911 you might know from serial generators. Most of the demoscene split from the cracking scene and codes independently demos as an art form.

Almost every demo is underlaid with sound. This is where the Netlabel idea initially was born, out of the demoscene. There are still lots of Netlabel sounds archived on Scene.org. Netlabels very fast adopted the Creative Commons licenses and still contribute to the Free Music scene. That’s our connections to the scenes: Demo sounds, Netlabels, Creative Commons and Freedom.

The Buenzli Reboot party took place in a vintage cinema in Berne. The cinema contains a huge collection of analog projectors. In this inspiring atmosphere Oleg showed and explained us the demo collection from over 20 years. The obligatory geek and nerdy beverage and food was: Pizza and beer.

Listen to a radio broadcast from radio RaBe about the Buenzli Reboot party. It’s in Swiss German, even if you don’t understand it, you maybe love how it sounds like.

We hope you have enjoyed the show as much as we did. Here are the one, two, three youtube playlists of all shown demos.

Are you interested more into demos? Check out pouΓ«t.org, where over 60’000 demos are archived.

Top 10 CC Tracks from Bandcamp according to Google

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We very much would like to integrate Bandcamp into our #hot100 charts, but the onyl message from Bandcamp we have is

Sorry, the API is no longer supported and we’re not granting any new developer keys.

We’re constantly looking for a way to get access to the Creative Commons tracks on Bandcamp, just because we like the way Bandcamp treats the artists.

One way to get access to CC music is the #ccmusic blog from diffuser.net, who collects all CC music tracks manually. What we’re missing there, is some quality control.

The approach from ronsens seems to be promising. He fires up a Google search and with Googles PageRank magic, you have the most relevant releases from the last week.

Let’s try this: What are the Top 10 CC albums/tracks on Bandcamp of all time according to Google? Have a listen.


Interesting, isn’t it? Get more excellent music on the #hot111 2015 genre charts.

A Thing A Week – Yes we thing.so

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A Thing A Week. Yes we thing.so.
New Website: A Thing A Week. #Happy #Birthday. Every week a [superlative] thing. Not more, not less. An entertaining video, a supadupa song. Every week new and astonishing: Yes we http://thing.so

The website is reduced to minimal functions and design. So is the android app. Get it on Google Play Store.

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