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starfrosch launched starfrosch Radio 1, Radio 2 and 3. 1 is eclectic, 2 electronic and 3 urban stuff.

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Boogie Belgique – Nightwalker Vol. 2 (LP) – Dusted Wax Kigdom

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Boogie Belgique is the recording name of Oswald Cromheecke, a Belgian producer and DJ. He lives in Antwerp and studied illustration and animation.
Boogie Belgique’s music can be described as a fusion of old and new, vintage yet innovative music that can be played on a sleepy dance floor or in your living room.

The album takes you on a journey into a forest of sound with no lights. It let’s you get lost in a  dance or your let’s you sit in your favorite chair sipping some tea. It’s hard to describe this album, but it has a lot of layers and moods.

Get ready to get lost in a forest of sound and emotion.

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Sweet Play – Lonely

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Sweet Play hails from France with warm and sad Trip-Hop. The mellow, filtered vocals are just as sweet as the name. Ludo Chabert, MΓ©louka Fara, Jean-Marc Vignoli, Stef Picot, Aurore Villien and Peg are part of the collectiv.

All tracks are free for non-commercial use, but you can license them for media productions like NestlΓ© Nespresso.

Chill the room. Have a coffee.

Download Sweet Play – Lonely [Creative Commons license]

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Kognitif – Monometric

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Kognitif is a french beatmaker with strong skills in abstract hip-hop and trip hop. Nice and easy melodies dream along broken beats, fill the dreams with pleasure and warm feelings to release you into moody emotions.

Have a whiskey along the trip-hop path.

Download Kognitif – Whiskey Lullaby [Creative Commons license]

Download full album Monometric at Bandcamp.

Anitek – Dusted Wax Kingdom

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Anitek is a Trip Hop Producer from New Jersey who moved to Switzerland and wifed there. He has been playing piano for 15 years, along with cello, clarinet, guitar, bass, drums and is also a scratch DJ.

He often incorporates genres such as Chill out, blues, jazz, funk, Electronica, Lounge, Soundtrack, Ambient, and old-school Hip hop into his music, creating a lush, melodic Soundtrack for either Lyricists, Commercials or film.

On this LP he collaborates with Tab.

Relaxed turntableism trip hop.

Download Anitek – Back to me [Creative Commons license]

Download full album.

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Thanks to Dusted Wax Kingdom for the tip.