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starfrosch launched starfrosch Radio 1, Radio 2 and 3. 1 is eclectic, 2 electronic and 3 urban stuff.

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The Womb – Sex Club

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The Womb are a band formed in 1998 by the English musician Alan Driscoll, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. The line-up and musical style of The Womb constantly changes.

Sex Club was written and performed by Alan Driscoll with Penny Walker-Keefe. She has this wonderful and ear petting voice that makes you blush.

Have sex all night long.

Download The Womb – Sex Club [All Rights Reserved]

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Thanks to King Sam for the tip.

Plu-ma – Za Zmistom

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New York, Amsterdam, China and Ukraine: Plu-ma is a bunch of musicians who don’t meet often. They write their songs online. Mike, the drummer from New York, plays textured repetitive drum patterns. Ben, a China cello master, whom you’ll soon know you shouldn’t let get under your skin that often, since he is so good at it. Davey’s Amsterdam violins and artistically nomadic life β€” add that and you have a digital gypsy team using tech to build life on their own terms. Sophie, a Ukrainian singer and songwriter. Underneath this woolly exterior is a naked pink foot of a former best MTV Ukrainian Act who run away to slip unnoticed with pretty frock and a happy smile.

Epic romance and digital noire.

Download Plu-ma – Za Zmistom [Creative Commons license]

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Lorenzo’s Music – I Never Wanted To Say

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Lorenzo’s Music is a beautifully disorganized but meticulously polished sound that likes to keep you guessing. Says Lorenzo himself about his music.

We needed a babelfish translator to understand this and even then we didn’t get it, but nobody cared, because we throwed away the headphones and turned on the loudspeakers. The neighbours didn’t complain.

Let us listen to some indie-rock.

Download Lorenzo’s Music – I Never Wanted To Say [Creative Commons license]

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Fallen To Flux – From the outside

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Fallen To Flux from rainy London play high energy, melodic metal. They are a four-piece band. Oli Clipsham (Vocals/Guitar), BjΓΆrn Gugu (Guitar), Luke Walley (Bass) and Chris Trem (Drums).

We saw them jumping up and up the #hot111 charts with “Living With The Pain”, who has managed to obtain some views on YouTube across various channels.

Melodic, high energy, low pressure metal rock.

[Creative Commons license] Download it on the #hot111 charts.