Piero Nicolini – Impaziente

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So this is a tricky post. We tried to figure out, who’s who. There’s Piero Nicolini, the singer, who smiles in a typical italian style from the photo. The music is made by Amin Habibi, a successful pop, rock dance artist from Teheran in Iran. And last but not least, there’s Farhad Bastami the text author.

Multiculture pop.

Download Piero Nicolini – Impaziente [Creative Commons license]

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Neon NiteClub – I want you

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This sounds like stuff we listened in the 80ies. And we liked it. And we still do. Neon NiteClub like teddy bears, synths and cheesy vocals. We like cheese too. The only astonishing thing is, that they come from Orlando in Florida, but maybe they have found their audience there, where the sun always shines, the aligators eat seniors and synths are bright.

Roar. Retro.

[Creative Commons License]

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The Easton Ellises – Nightwavs

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Alex D., Simon Roy, Luc D. and Gé Pau make up The Easton Ellises from Montreal, Canada which blossomed from a previous electronic music project called Stereomovers. The founding Easton Ellises duo, Alex D and Simon Roy, toured though a good part of Europe doing in the early 2000s, travelling from gig to gig with just samplers and microphones.

Powerful electronic dancing pop-rock.

[Creative Commons license] Download song at Soundcloud.

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Sam Brown – 37 Reasons

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Sam Brown is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter, composer, pianist, and audio engineer. Sam began his musical journey by writing and producing his own music using ProTools. His most prominent career goal is to positively affect people through music, three and a half minutes at a time.

Well, thats well produced.

[Creative Commons license] Download full album at Bandcamp.

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Subversion above all or the question about form

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Kutti MC describes himself as a musician since quite a while.

Cit. P.M.: “Then i have to be a bit scared about my professional stand.”

Poiesis and Aistesis are the oldest terms in occidental high culture.  (G.M.)

“‘Art is a term created during the renaissance. For me there is only  ‘poetry’!” (J.T.)

If now Jürg Halter speaks of himself as a musician,  then that means nothing but a poorly hidden “squint towards the audience”. (T.W.A)

His poetry is not to discuss. But his musical  output is still questionable after all. The band members and guest musicians are altogether highest level – perhaps exept their grade of reflection concerning the way they are included in Kutti MCs projects.

The session itself  is very intense and entertaining. But only if one manages it to forget all the chatting about liberty, improvisation and spontanity. In relation to this thematics in music artists like Kutti MC are no comparison to Jazz or Classical Music. (B.B.)

The  location belongs to the category AAA.

Club Helsinki, 01.01.2014.

P.M.: Patrizio Mazzola

G.M.: Guerino Mazzola, The Topos of Music

J.T.: Jean Tinguely

T.W.A.: Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno, Die Philosophie der neuen Musik

B.B.: Boris W. Beresowski, interview on the question of improvisation in Jazz and Classical Music, youtube