Lyonn – Iceberg

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We’ve been asked why we don’t write about indie. We do, but not too often, because it often sucks too much and we don’t suffer enough.

Screaming guitar, aspirate singer, left piano, suffering drums and a bass full of pain searching for love: That’s what Lyonn bring to you. Lyonn are basically Tyler Gelrud and Attila Yavuzer, two young guys, who spent an inordinate amount of time traveling until they bumped into each other.

The last thing I wanna see is you.

Download Lyonn – Iceberg [Creative Commons license]

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Arrow & Olive – Arrow & Olive

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Arrow & Olive from Nashville are Kate Carlson and Michael McEachern. They play something between indie, folk and pop. We like these tiny little songs about love and hope. After their first single “Our Place” they release the self-titled album “Arrow & Olive”.

More intimate folk.

Download Arrow & Olive – Black & White
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Moira Waugh – How Lucky I Am

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Moira Waugh is a Brit living in Florida with her American singer-songwriter husband Mark Bass. She is a storyteller with her lyrics. She delivers them with captivating sincerity and a beautiful, expressive voice. Siobhan Dakay composes jazzy pop compositions to amplify Moira’s vocals.

Thinkroot Records announces February 9, 2016 the release of the first single “How lucky I Am” from the upcoming album “The Wrong Girl”. Be prepared for the upcoming video contest. We’ll keep you posted.

“How Lucky I Am” is a jazzy pop song that embraces the strength of true love and expresses gratitude to have found it.

Easy sunday morning jazz pop.

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[Creative Commons license]

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Honey Larochelle – Hijack

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In 2016, keep an eye on Honey Larochelle the Canadian born singer, songwriter based in Hollywood. She grew up with a mum who had a singing career, touring with Marvin Gaye, Little Richard, Bryan Adams and many others. Honey got her first world tour in 2006 as a background singer with the Brand New Heavies, and soon became their lead singer.

Listen to the overly professional produced album Hijack with influences from R&B to electronic blended with dubstep and breaks that melt into delirious pop elements.

High energy melted progressive electronic pop.

Download at Bandcamp [Creative Commons license]

I’m Fresh! You’re Pretty! – Christmas avec toi

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Not only the bandname I’m Fresh! You’re pretty! is cheesy, but also the sound. But isn’t christmas also a bit of cheesy as long as you stick to the clichΓ©s?

I’m Fresh! You’re pretty! are lovers of Weezer, Daft punk, the 90’s, vintage analog keyboards, heady guitar riffs and 140 BPM techno beat, the trio from Angers loves to make people dance with its exhilarating new rave made of ravishing beats and heady riffs. They turn electro into rock and funk into disco. Intimate, flirtatious and damn irresistible, their music charm rock-lovers just as much as minimalist-electro purists.

We wish you to marry christmas, or another hot bride.

Download I’m Fresh! You’re Pretty! – Christmas avec toi [Creative Commons license]