World Premiere: A Virtual Friend – Crazy Like A Fox

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It’s a special pleasure for starfrosch to announce the world premiere of the intelligent electro pop track “Crazy Like A Fox” from A Virtual Friend.

A Virtual Friend are Antoine and Valérie from Neuchâtel in Switzerland. They have been supported by Cédric Liardet (notterecords), Pascal Brunkow (damp studio), Jan Peyer (bass) and Marc Mandril Ferrario (artwork). Together they produced a danceable world-class track with Valéries cute french accent and a wide refrain.

The song talks about Metis, a cunning and practical intelligence in the ancient greek. This particular form of intelligence combines a tactical and intuitive mind that is difficult to define, but is everywhere: in the mind of the strategist, the hunter or handyman.

“We wanted to point the positive aspect of this kind of intelligence which is often seen as a bad thing” says Valérie from A Virtual friend “Cunning includes creativity and just playing against intellectual routines and habitual thought processes. We use the Fox and the Crow fable to celebrate this kind of intelligence.”

Clever electro pop.

Download A Virtual Friend – Crazy Like A Fox [Creative Commons license]

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The Womb – Sex Club

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The Womb are a band formed in 1998 by the English musician Alan Driscoll, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. The line-up and musical style of The Womb constantly changes.

Sex Club was written and performed by Alan Driscoll with Penny Walker-Keefe. She has this wonderful and ear petting voice that makes you blush.

Have sex all night long.

Download The Womb – Sex Club [All Rights Reserved]

Download full album.
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Thanks to King Sam for the tip.

MiRVA- Stay With Me

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Time for a love song? With Mirva you’re never wrong. “Stay With Me” is hard at the border to kitsch, but never crosses this delicate border.

MiRVA from Sydney wants to create a feel-good, inspirational & serotonin-raising musical experiences and she does this very well. Under the MiRVA umbrella, she strives to make music that is good for the soul with a positive approach aimed to inspire and spread happiness in our world. Winter is cold enough, so enjoy some light for your soul.

Feel good love song.

Download MiRVA- Stay With Me [Creative Commons license]

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Neon NiteClub – U Keep Me Up All Nite

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Every weekend it’s probably a good idea to keep you up all night. Dance uncontrolled and free with Neon NiteClub. This synth banger with catchy vocals and space drums is sunny and lovely at the same time.
Neon NiteClub are shining from Florida and perfection the rollerblading daily.

Where the sun always shines.

Download Neon NiteClub – U Keep Me Up All Nite [Creative Commons license]

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Now Endeavor – Waste my time

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Now Endeavor from Detroit tried every possible style from Polka to Ceviche, Poutine and Hip-Hop, but were never happy with it until they tried popular Pop.

Their new album Ex and Woes is strictly Pop attracting grandmas and teenagers with curly hairs and no haircuts. They fit very well every place with a light and warmth campfire, a pyjama party or a lost love story.

Singalong, karaoke pop.

Download Now Endeavor – Waste my time [Creative Commons license]

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