Moira Waugh – How Lucky I Am

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Moira Waugh is a Brit living in Florida with her American singer-songwriter husband Mark Bass. She is a storyteller with her lyrics. She delivers them with captivating sincerity and a beautiful, expressive voice. Siobhan Dakay composes jazzy pop compositions to amplify Moira’s vocals.

Thinkroot Records announces February 9, 2016 the release of the first single “How lucky I Am” from the upcoming album “The Wrong Girl”. Be prepared for the upcoming video contest. We’ll keep you posted.

“How Lucky I Am” is a jazzy pop song that embraces the strength of true love and expresses gratitude to have found it.

Easy sunday morning jazz pop.

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Birocratic – Latest Tracks

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Birocratic is Brandon Rowan from the U.S. He’s a producer of bumps, beats and leftovers. He’s a co-writer and producer for other artists, plays the guitar, bass, piano and the drums. He also shoots photos. A multi talent.

Jazzy, broken sampled beats, creative arranged.

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Angil and the Hiddentracks – Contrebrassens

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Angil was the name of the composer, singer-songwriter Etienne, whose real name was Mickaël Mottet. He released his first album “product”, in 2004 on Unique records. It revealed a music at the crossroads of pop, folk and experimental music. His next album “Oulipo Saliva” was closer to the influences of jazz and singing hip-hop.

At the end of 2014, the Angil and the Hiddentracks decided to stop its activities. Merde alors.

Contrebrassens is a sad track with a catchy arrangement and french lyrics.

Download Angil and the Hiddentracks – Contrebrassens [Creative Commons license]

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Feverkin & Koresma – Golden (feat. Cuff Malloy)

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The collaboration between Feverkin & Koresma results in damped, downtempo tracks enhanced with the sax from Cuff Malloy. The jazzy elements combined with some mellow guitar riffs carry the sax. The hand crafted bass helps to complement the mood.

Easy listening jazzy groove.

Download Feverkin & Koresma – Golden [Creative Commons license]

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Dada & The Weatherman – Fuck It

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We should say more fuck it or just fuck, but note the difference between fuck you and fuck it. For this review zero fucks have been given. So fuck it.

Btw: Dada & The Weatherman are from Paris, the city of love and yeah, they got the groove.

Just say fuck it and just go to hell.

Download Dada & The Weatherman – Fuck It [Creative Commons license]

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