D8thWonder – Breaking News

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Male, 60% Pop, 20% Hip Hop, 10% R&B, 5% Soul and 5% Reggae is D8thwonder‘s self description and it fits pretty good for his soulful pop influenced Hip Hop.

Breaking News sets in the CC #hot100 charts and pleased many listeners and downloaders.

“Ha!” D8wonder says, “I’m a video, print and fashion model” rhymes smooth and vanishes in the world-wide depth of the internet as the king. Maybe he’s here to stay. We’ll see.

Soulful Hip Hop with a Pop taste.

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Million feat. Benjii – Sleep Over

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Some hip-hop has caught our attention on twitter. Ranked 4 on the #hot111 Hip-Hop charts Million raps straight from his heart.

For us his heart has a little bit too many niggas, bitches and fuck, but this is pretty ok ’cause it’s Hip-Hop. Niggas refers to friends, bitches to ladies and fuck to fuck.

Have a listen to Millions Sleep Over and help him to make his dreams come true: Sleep over? Bitches? Having millions? Enjoying life with his son?

Download Million – Sleep Over [Creative Commons license]

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Slim Bwoy – Unstoppable Mixtape

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We had some nice chat with Slim Bwoy about his dropped Unstoppable Mixtape. Slim Bwoy is an artist and producer from Vicenza in Italy. He originally is Nigerian. So here’s the question we always wanted to have been answered, but always where afraid to ask.

Why does a black man call his friends nigga? Are those niggas friends or is it just slang for black men?

Why do rappers call women bitches? For us, it sounds disrespectful. Is it?

Slim Bwoy is concerned about the future of our planet. He’s now working on his own tv station Vicenza Entertainment Television (V.E.T.)

Good luck with your career and save the planet through hip-hop.

Download Slim Bwoy – Nobody [Creative Commons license]

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DeXound – Megabeat

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Awais Khan, 24, music composer, producer and songwriter from Islāmābād is DeXound. He is a multi-genre producer from Pakistan.

Boom, tätsch, peng, tsaboing hip-hop.

Download DeXound – Megabeat

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Kellee Maize – Dancing With Lightning

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Kellee Maize began to rap and perform at a young age to entertain herself and escape reality. Her childhoods best friend helped her from her first rap group called Thunder and Lightning at age 9.

In many traditions, The 5th Element represents Love – which is the missing element humanity needs to evolve to the next level. Kellee Maize’s music is about the idea that Love could help society and the planet shift its consciousness. Prove it Kellee.

Hip-hop, rap, whatever you call it.

[Creative Commons license] Download full album at Soundcloud.

Found at the Hot 111 Download Charts. Where else?