Mavrik Kuda – Once You Get It

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Mavrik Kuda - Once You Get It

Mavrik Kuda introduces authentic hip-hop flavours in his ‘Once You Get It’, which is part of his ‘Feel That Funky Groove’ EP. With a vast archive of original samples, the Russian-based producer constructs a groove that will get heads nodding instantly. The tasty guitar riffs, which slide across a heavy bassline, instigate the feeling of taking part in an 80’s gangster flick.

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CuzOH – The Jeffersons

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Nod your head. CuzOH is the up and coming Hip-Hop artist from Hempstead, New York. CuzOh has worked with some of the best musicians around from coast to coast including Grammy award winners, โ€œThe Product of G&Bโ€ & Platinum recording artist/writer Big Mike.

His extensive body of work is consistent and quite impressive. He has music placements on stations such as ESPN, CBS Sports, and multiple Cable television series.

Listen to the track The Jeffersons with heavy synths and dramatic tubular bells. It’s a hands up in the air hymn.

Just click it homies.

Download CuzOH – The Jeffersons [Creative Commons license]

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Wes Brooks – Back then

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Wes Brooks, Austin Texas, has melancholic melodies, a calm deep voice and catchy hooks. We like the little piano sample, the sad character of the track and adore his voice. His tracks are simple, but well structured. On top of this, the nasally voice makes it a unique sound and style with retro vinyl crackles.

Melancholic pop influenced hip-hop.

Download Wes Brooks – Back then [Creative Commons license]

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LeRoyce – Wake Up (prod. by Oshi)

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LeRoyce Jackson is part of the Elevรฆted collective from Dallas, Texas. Part of the crew are T Gallardo, Aaron, Ayo, Evans and Samsonyte.

Samsonyte is one of the Elevรฆted peer group collective pioneers born and raised in Dallas. Elevรฆted was originally created with the intent to make a company that distributes clothing merchandise, but transformed into a collective full of artists, of all kinds, who strive to make a positive impact on our world. Well done.

Let’s listen to LeRoyce. He’s waking us up today. For our timezone that’s too late, we’re already working.

Collective, positive rap.

Download LeRoyce – Wake Up [Creative Commons license]

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Starfrosch Bonus Track Newsletter #7

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Sometimes we’re into the mood for something new. So we created two tracks between love and fuck you too. It’s in Swiss German, so you probably don’t mind about the lyrics.

Here’s the new Bonus Track Newsletter.

The tracks are Creative Commons licensed, you can share them with your friends and all for free download. We hope you like it and wish you a pleasant journey. Enjoy the flight.

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